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Welcome to - my official website

On the pages of this website you can learn a lot about me. Not only as a footballer, but as an ordinary person. I'd be glad if my website helps you to communicate with each other.

All the best, Andrey

Ask Andrey




1. From forvard23
Hello Andrey!  Are you going to prolong your contract with Arsenal when it expires? And do you have friends in Arsenal?
: One should think in advance about such things. As a Russian proverb has it: "Prepare your sledge in the summer time» I’m on good terms with everybody in Arsenal.

2. From Queen
What do you think about astrology?
: I consider it a science.

3. From liverpool89
Good Morning! The question is - when you were back in Zenit, what foreign championship did you like, follow? 2. What stadium is the most difficult to play at in the Premier League, apart from the big four and Tottenham?
: England. Spain. Hard to say, not only away games turn out to be difficult.

4. From Grishazltykh
Hi! I definitely like your game, Andrey! But tell me who you are??
.: A person.

5. From Doctorwolf
Hello Andrey. Tell me, what kind of emotions did you feel at your very first Arsenal training? Was it hard – a new team, new people, a new country?
: I couldn’t believe that I joined Arsenal. It was very cold, I hadn’t been training for 10 days, it was hard. The training session was very long and intensive. I felt very tired afterwards.

6. From Sibir96
Hello, Andrey! What helps you on the pitch?
.: Teammates.

7. From XERIAM
Hello Andrey, where do you live in London? I live in North-West London, Harrow-on-the-Hill. I’ve seen you in the Russian Orthodox Church not long ago. I wish you success in football and family happiness!
: Yes, you could see me there. We try to visit the Russian church.

Arsene Wenger sets much store on the young players. But who can you personally point out in the squad?
It’s not my job to point out. But one can’t deny the fact that Arsenal has brought together young and talented guys from all over the world

9. From ponedelkow
Hello, Andrey.Thanks for your beautiful football, tell me how to buy a jersey with your number. Don’t leave the left flank – it’s yours.
: There is information about this on the site. I’ll be shifting a bit sometimes, okay?

10. From Sergeich
Hi Andrey! Can you speak English? Thank you in advance.
: I live in England. So I have to communicate in English. Every day I try to memorize some new words and expressions. I also take lessons. I should work on my pronunciation. For example, Artyom, as some of my friends say, has already got a London accent. Julia spends a lot of time studying the language. She studied German at school and at the University, so she had to start from the very beginning here.

11. From SvetlanaQi
Hi, Andrey))) I have a question: Is it true that you play better in winter time than in summer? Do you like winter --- when the white, white snow is falling down?
Thank you very much! Good luck)))
: I didn’t usually play in winter time before I came to England. I like it when the soft, gentle snow is falling down and crunches under the feet, and when it’s no more than -5 degrees outside.

12. From Mitriy
Hello, Andrey. Tell me please, whether you are going to stay abroad? Do you find today's Russia interesting? Do you have any native values, or it’s all the same to you? Thank you.
: I don’t see myself living anywhere abroad after my career is over. It’s hard for me to adjust to the life outside my country. Russia is my native country, so I follow the Russian news every day. I’m interested in everything that happens at home.

13. From KAtoK11
Andrey, do you like fishing?
: No. But I wouldn’t mind to catch a golden fish.

14. From Julashka
Andrey, would you like to become a president?)))) Thank you in advance for your reply :)
: No

15. From Mishanya232
How can I be sure that I am communicating with the real Arshavin?
: Just believe in it.

16. From McRussian
Andrey, I once asked you whether you are planning to visit the country of the kilt-clad men)). By the way, thanks for your reply! Here is what I want to ask you this time: I do running (on an amateur level)). You, as I understand, also make daily runs. Tell me how much do you run on an average day? And one more ... You certainly stick to the sports diet. What are the main parameters?
Regards, Andrey
: I jog 3 km a day before training.

17. From Erden1981
Andrey, how did Julia react to the fact that she was among the 50 most beautiful footballers’ wives?
: I guess she wasn’t happy with the place she occupied.

18. From Vladlena1
How is your mood? :)
: After the recent events, not very good.

19. From Ta2525
Hello. How are your kids? Do they communicate with their English peers??
: Of course, they go to school and kindergarten.

20. From Moonray
Andrey, don’t tuck your T-shirt in, before coming out on the pitch? It suits you better)))))
.: Even in my school, I was taught to be neat when coming out on the pitch. Back then you could earn a yellow card for a T-shirt hanging over your shorts.

21. From Olga22Rus
Hello Andrey! 1) Do you like the English language? 2) Are you proud that you are Russian? 3) Please name one of your favorite music bands or singers?
: 1. Yes. 2. Yes, I am proud that I am Russian. When I moved abroad, I started feeling this even stronger.

22. From MrNao1
Hi Andrey! I want to make a career as a football player, I was born in 1998, everybody says that I am playing well for my age, in my home town I even play for 1996. What can I do to improve my game?
: Exercise more and listen to the coach.

23. From Azverin
Andrey, hello from the Gunner! Tomorrow, September 11, my girlfriend flies back here, I haven’t seen her for 2 months and her birthday is on Sept. 14. I’ll be meeting her at the Vnukovo airport at the time of the game against Bolton. It’ll be a great present for her if you could write on your T-shirt "He is ready for everything for you, Nastia! " If you score, show it to the viewers! We are 23 years old and I believe in miracles. Of course, this is unrealistic, but I’ll be grateful to you for the rest of my life.
: If I had written this, Julia would not have understood.

24. From student23
Hi, Andrey! I’ve made 3 stakes that you’d score, but you never did…I have lost 25 000 ...
: Damn, and I was thinking why I couldn’t score for so long.

25. From zigano
Andrey , What’s the scar on your head? On the left side. Was it Julia’s work by any chance?
: It was from meeting Gallas. Only I'm surprised that it can be seen.

26. From DANcskakor12
Andrey, would you like to play for CSKA?
.: No

27. From Kekcukoyl
Andrey, I admire the way you see the pitch and read the game! Could you give me some tips on how I can learn this? Thanks in advance!
: One should stop racing around :) Then it will make you see the pitch and read the game!:))))

Hello Andrey, I’ve heard that you were hit by a car when you were a kid. How did it happen?
: Yes, it is true. I ran across the street in front of a tram and did not notice a car. When it hit me, I fell hitting my head on the asphalt. What car was it? They say it was a Lada. The driver didn’t stop and drove away from the scene.

29. From SergAguero
Hi, Andrey! Strange as it is but we have the same laugher. I want to ask you a question: how often do you laugh on the football pitch and outside of it! Thank you for your attention!
: Outside- yes, on - no.

30. From Malvinadf
If suddenly one day you woke up as a girl, what would you do? : D
: I would flee from my bed as fast as possible without opening my eyes....

31. From langraf
Andrey, at your age in order to be in top shape you should definitely do yoga.
: Yes, we have yoga lessons at Arsenal, once every two or three weeks. These lessons are given by a woman. Only I’ve never managed to get to these lessons.

Hi Andrey. Why did you hit Ballack in the match against Germany?
It wasn’t really a hit. Why? He was fouling a lot.

33. From Moonray
Hi, Andrey! Who do you think you were in your previous life? And who do you want to be in the next one?
: Who? Pele

34. From Moonray
Hi, Andrey! I live very far away, in Turkmenistan, Ashgabat.
There is no chance here to get your autograph. And it dawned on me; maybe you can write me a couple of words here. My name is Natasha. I look forward to hearing from you! Thanks in advance ;)
Good luck, Natasha.



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