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Welcome to - my official website

On the pages of this website you can learn a lot about me. Not only as a footballer, but as an ordinary person. I'd be glad if my website helps you to communicate with each other.

All the best, Andrey

Ask Andrey




1. From KOCTET
Who Lives Well in Russia?
: Not only in Russia. People live well if they are free, healthy and happy.

2. From USA
Andrey, what is a squares game? I mean a football exercise.
: Players are divided into groups; each group has a so-called "leader". Their task is to snatch the ball away. The game runs in one - two touches. The player, who loses the ball, gives way in the square to the new player.

3. From BlazinGMatcH
Hi again! I’ve got several entertaining questions. I asked my friends and all of them had different answers. I wonder what you think:
1. Is it difficult to laugh at yourself?
2. Is it possible to know somebody inside out?
3. Is it possible to love one and the same person all your life?
4. 50 years - is it old age?
5. Does light-mindedness make life difficult?
1. For me - no.
2. No
3. Let’s wait and see.
4. Depends on how old you feel you are.
5. In certain situations - yeah.

4. From russiafan
Andrey, do your fans give you presents, if so then what was the biggest present and from whom?
: The biggest and the most fragrant gift I received from a stranger, who gave me 300 roses.

5. From Doris
Andrey, have you ever held a live hedgehog in your hands?))))))
: In one of the photographs, I hold a very small hedgehog in my gloved hands. There is another picture in my family album, which was taken when I got a bit older and held a hedgehog in my bare hands.

6. From Cvetochek23
I’ve recently noticed that football has become just a job for you. Is it true?
:Yes. The job I love.

7. From markiska
Hi Andrey, I'm in 8th grade and our teacher forbids us to play football with boys, and if we start playing he makes fun of us and mocks the guys. Has it ever happened to you or we just have a jerk of a teacher?
P.S.: Thanks in advance for your reply (Rimma)
: No, it has never happened to me. We were allowed to play football with boys :)

8. From
Andrey, what kind of sport do you think is more difficult: soccer, hockey, skiing or something else?
: Any sport is not easy in its own way. A good tennis player will give in to a mediocre boxer. And this boxer will lose to a chess player.

9. From kos2712
Does Julia help you to answer the questions? Thank you. Kurochkin Kostya.
: She doesn’t distract me :)

10. From JJJJ
Andrey, just imagine this situation. You are giving autographs to your fans. Some of them shout loudly and try to get your autograph as quickly as possible, while others stand quietly and wait. Here is the question!
Who would be quicker to get your autograph: a violent fan or a meek one?
Thanks! Good luck to you and your family!
: A violent fan will be the first to break through.

11. From vasy
What is a better way of talking to a girl: to tell her the truth or to tell her what she wants to hear …
: It depends on what you're after :)

12. From bolshoy
Hi Andrey! How many pairs of football boots do you have?
: About 10 now.

13. From 98,765
At what age it’s not shameful to be a clown or a puppet? Thanks.
: It’s better not to let anybody manipulate you.

14. From lexa1995
Hello Andrey! I’m a “Smena” footballer and I would like to ask you how you managed to cope with physical exertion?
: Try to think that it’s necessary for you in the first place.

15. From 0211
I still really want to know the answer to my question: How to marry a football player? There are no such books…
: This question is not for me :)

16. From nastyas
Hi, my question is: what was your temperature before the match against Real?
: 38.2

17. From andreich10
Hi Andrey! I’m Andryshka from Penza. I want to ask you a question. Why do you always score in the last minutes of the game? Do you get lucky only by the end of the match?
: It just turns out this way, luck favors the strongest :)

18. From Tima5
Hi Andrey! I want to ask you about football, I’ve noticed that football players lift the ball high into the air (from the ground) but I can’t do this. Can you give an advice how to kick the ball in order to send it high (if it’s not a secret)? Thanks.
: You should hit the very bottom of the ball.

19. From Nuwa
Hello Andrey! Do you know Alan Dzagoev?
: We played football against each other and for each other :)

20. From katya02
Do you like Crazy Frog?
: I have no idea who he/she is.

21. From Aliv
Life is so difficult and incomprehensible. Why do some people achieve their goals and some people don’t. Does it depend on the number of gray matter cells in the brain or they are just losers? I think everyone has asked himself this question: what do I live for? To save the world from aliens or to save the neighbor Clara from falling icicle. I’ve been trying to answer these questions one hundred times and yet can’t find the answers ... Now you try to answer, Andrey ....
: I think that saving the world from aliens is, of course, the right thing to do, but still, the world would be a better place if each of us could save some neighbor Clara.

22. From KyKoLka
You once told that you tried to answer to those who had not written before .... but looking through your answers I’ve noticed that you answered one person several times in a row.
: Don’t snitch ;))

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