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Welcome to - my official website

On the pages of this website you can learn a lot about me. Not only as a footballer, but as an ordinary person. I'd be glad if my website helps you to communicate with each other.

All the best, Andrey

Ask Andrey




1. From tatohecka
Andrey, Let’s go for a walk!!!!!!!!
:You’d better ask your girlfriends or boyfriend out for a walk :)

2. From 120498
Andrey, do you think you are good at football?
: There are people who like the way I play.

3. From cherish
Hello Andrey! Everyone knows that you're a great footballer and a good singer but maybe you have more talents? I really want to know!!! :)
: Sure, sure ;)

4. From OlenkaRU
Andrey, what kind of salad do you like?
: I like different salads but the Russian Salad is beyond comparison.

5. From Andromeda
Andrey, what wallpaper is on your desktop?
: A picture of my family.

6. From LanYYYY
Hello, Andrey! Do you think you were born a great football player or you developed this ability by training and exercising?
: Earlier I would have said that I was born a talented footballer. Now, with age, I might add that any talent requires a lot of work. Work enables a person to develop and move forward in all directions.

7. From zinja
As a future engineer, I’m interested in this question: if I stand with my feet on the rails, put pantyhose on my head and throw the ends on the wires, will I be able to go as a tram? :)
: Look out, the tram can catch up with you and if it does, then you’ll go directly to the crazy house and get a quite different diploma :)

8. From tektonik26
Hello Andrey! My name is Sasha Sevryugin, I'm from Pyatigorsk. What were your grades at school? Did you miss lessons because of training?
: I got all possible grades :)

9. From alex1234567
Hello Shawa! You were really cool in the first match against Real Madrid! You managed to outplay two so-called football stars and made them sit back on their bums. Well… There were a lot of beautiful moments in that match, but this one was the most memorable. I wish you more such moments and I want them to end up in goals. All the best to you and your family! Lesha.
: You mean Zenit match in the league? … It was well-played. So what? They went further and we sat back on our bums in this tournament.

10. From Seroga
When your team loses, does it bring a bit of satisfaction to foul on an opponent?
: No

11. From Pugovka
Hi ))) I’ve been daydreaming again and lost my passport but then it turned out that it was lying in front of me all along))))))) Has it ever happened to you that you lost something very important at the moment when you needed it the most?
: It happened. The most important thing is not to lose honor from youth. ;)

12. From ksufka21
HELLO ANDREY! Do you feel awkward when your girl-fans declare their love to you?
: Their love is unrequited ;))

13. From Ventura
I’ve noticed that you celebrate your goals very emotionally but rarely come to anyone to congratulate on the scored goal and you also behave very restrained during the interviews. But in some other pictures I saw
you laughing your head off while the others were standing calmly: I wonder how emotional are you especially in an informal atmosphere? P.S. A broad smile suits you!))))
: I can burst out laughing during the game. Some funny moments happen. The main thing is not to be laughed at. It's better to play in such a way so that to make your opponents funny but not to become clowns yourself.

14. From Kukusya
Her glance got wild; it used to be so mild
A lovely face has turned deadpan
The last thing that I remember from this day
Approaching disc of our frying pan
QUESTION: Is Julia capable of this?
P.S. I wish you happiness and good luck!
: I think I don’t deserve such treatment from Julia.

15. From Ksyunya
Hello, Andrey!)
Who is the coolest guy on earth? Shava in satin shorts! :)))
: How about jeans and a sweater? :)

16. From mode
Andrey! How did you get to the Russian national team? How did you achieve this? Was it difficult?
: I wouldn’t call it an easy way.

17. From res007
Hello! Please tell me what Julia and you usually do in the evenings?? I’m very interested in this ;))) Your family is the best ...
: Have dinner ;)

18. From Sibirya4ka
I’ve read that you were kicked out of school in the 2d grade because you tore the class register to pieces. Why did you do this? Thanks in advance for your reply.
: I got a good mark at mathematics but I was sure that I deserved an excellent one.

19. From vasy
Tell me what is the secret? You had to fight from the very beginning: for a place in the Petrzhela team; with the Romantsev and Yartsev decisions not to take you to the World and European Championships; seek position on the field, starting as a right midfielder; remain in the shadows of, as it seemed more talented, Sasha and Volodya … Tell me the secret, because I don’t have enough of your perseverance and patience and I don’t believe that this is all I need…
: I don’t complain. It just happened that way. Probably I’m not looking for the easiest way in my life.

20. From anastasiya95
Hello))) Who would you have wanted to become if you hadn’t managed to become a footballer?
: First of all, I’d have tried to remain an honest man.

21. From Natasko
Do you know that Santa Claus doesn’t exist? :)))
: I found out about it when I was about 12.



СC10-1100-t Стеновой симметричный профлист с высотой гофра 10мм, Мон- Толщина листа (t) – 0,5; 0,55; 0,65; 0,7 мм. H44-1000-t Стеновой профлист с высотой гофра 44мм, монтажной шириной 1000 мм. Толщина листа (t) – 0,5; 0,55; 0,65; 0,7 мм.
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