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Welcome to - my official website

On the pages of this website you can learn a lot about me. Not only as a footballer, but as an ordinary person. I'd be glad if my website helps you to communicate with each other.

All the best, Andrey

Ask Andrey




1. From Melina
Has anybody in the squads said bad things about you behind your back or in your face?
: One can hear a lot of things at the stadium.

2. From shusha
Hello Andrey! As a person who does sports since childhood, loves and respects them, I’m interested in your fitness level and fitness of some Zenit players. I mean power and speed training. What results do you show in 100 meter run, and 1000 meter run, power exercises with weight? It just seems to me that one of the main reasons (most likely the main and the most important) is little emphasis on power training in Russian football. I’m not the one to judge, I am not an expert in this field (although I have sports education) it is just my opinion))). I hope you’ll answer. Good luck!
: A modern athlete should be a professional in everything. If a person misses something and it doesn’t allow him to play better he must decide for himself what he needs to pull up. If there is a problem with physique, one should work on it, if there are omissions in the tactics, one should work on correcting them and so on.

3. From Nmalinka
Hi, Andrey! Thank you for answering my previous question. I was walking around happy for two days but nobody believed me that you replied :) You should know that you will always be the best for your fans wherever you play: And if you suddenly feel sad and lonely, think about a person not far from Saint-Petersburg, who is thinking about you too.... I really want to wish you good luck! And even though my boyfriend is jealous of you, I will always support and believe in you :) Thanks for being who you are...
: It’d be better if he just loved you without being jealous. Jealousy is a bad feeling. Besides, I don’t want to have your friend as an enemy. Thanks for the wishes.

4. From Barsik
Hello Andrey! Have you ever heard about Ovechkin and if so, what do you think about him and about hockey in general? Thanks for your reply
: Ovechkin is a world-class hockey player. I have not only heard about him but also seen him in action.

5. From Cvetochek23
Do you like to ride? How about dragging a sledge?
It’s better to have a ride, of course :)

6. From musichall
Hello! Andrey, please tell me if you can skate? And what does Julia think about figure-skating? Thank you in advance for your reply. I wish you to have a good rest on vacations ;)
: I used to go to the skating-rink as a child and could skate. Then there was a big break, I didn’t go out on the ice for a long time. I guess I managed to get to the rink again only in my twenties and remembered how to do it. I can’t say that I’m a brilliant skater, but I can skate on my own or in pairs. What do I think about figure skating? Julia and I like this kind of sport, it’s very graceful. I would call it both sport and art.

7. From StElLa
Hi, Andrey! I presume there are many people who come to you in everyday life asking for an autograph or to pose for a photo. Does it irritate you? It's one thing being asked to do it after training or after the game and  another when they bother you while shopping or in the theater etc. All the best! I hope you’ll answer!
: No, I’m fine with it. I can flare up when a person acts too aggressively, for example, when somebody doesn’t allow me to have a single bite at a restaurant demanding first an autograph, then having a photo with him, then with all his friends who emerge every other minute in groups of 2-3 people while my dinner is getting colder.... There should be a sense of tact and certain limits in everything.

8. From JJJJ
Here is the question for you :))) What did you like more in your childhood: to play with snowballs in winter or to sail toy ships down the streams in spring?
: Snowballs. Especially when I got somebody :)

9. From brooklyn
Hi, Andrey!
You will probably be able to help a person who didn’t think much about football before Euro 2008. I’m really interested: How does UEFA decide how many clubs and from what countries will participate in the Champions League, and how many will take part in the UEFA Cup? And another question: What is the principle of awarding points to countries in the FIFA rankings?
: I think that Internet has all the answers to these questions.

10. From Udina
Hello Andrey! A small question: Has anybody ever kissed your smashed knees? Good luck to you and your family!
: Iodine and brilliant green solution ;)

11. From anastasiya95
Hi, Andrey! ))) When do you want to finish your football career?
: I would like to play football at a high level until 35.

12. From OZHENbKA
What music do you listen to on the planes?
: I read books or learn English during the flights.

13. From Melashka
Hello Andrey! Do you think that the first impression is deceptive or on the contrary is the most accurate? And what do you personally pay attention to when you meet a person for the first time? I wish you and your family all the best! Darya.
: 1) Not necessarily .2) Eyes, appearance.

14. From diborz
HELLO ANDREY! It’s the second time I write to you. I want to know how I can see you.
: With your eyes ;)

15. From 8587
Hello, Andrey))))))
Of course, I understand that it’s too early to talk about it now, but do you think about the sports future for your daughter, and if so, what kind of sport would you like to enroll her in?
: I haven’t thought about it yet. What kind of sport? I do not know, maybe figure-skating or gymnastics.

16. From MILA62
Hello, Andrey! I haven’t come to your site for such a long time and even missed it a little. What's new? P.S. While reading the responses I realized that you have a wonderful sense of humor. You are the Best! :)))))))))))))
: What's new? Well, you came to the site :)

17. From Ptsh
1. Do you feel any different coming out on the pitch in comparison with the time when you were 17? Has the excitement remained?
2. Do you like wind?
1. The excitement has remained, but it slightly changed, I became more pragmatic.
2. I do not like people with wind in the head. I love when the warm wind is blowing.

18. From www10www
Hello Andrey! I have always dreamed about getting to know you, I hope this dream has come true :)
: Yes, hello, www10www! I’m AA23!

19. From andrey4ever
Andrey, if I came over to you on the street and gave you a teddy bear as a present, would you take it? Would you throw it away afterwards?
P.S. Andrey you are the best, the most good-looking, the most intelligent and I don’t even want to mention the way you play )))
: I would take it and put it very gently in the car.

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