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Welcome to - my official website

On the pages of this website you can learn a lot about me. Not only as a footballer, but as an ordinary person. I'd be glad if my website helps you to communicate with each other.

All the best, Andrey

Ask Andrey




Andrey Arshavin has answered the questions of his site visitors about smoking, prenuptial agreements, favorite colors, cramps, horoscopes and a lot of other things.

1. From Karambol
Hi. I just wanted to know: 1. Do you often bring up football, for example, when talking to your friends or acquaintances in your spare time? 2. Are you satisfied with your career (to what extent)?
I wish you all the best.
Arshavin: I’m not interested in talking about football with my friends, on the contrary, I try to switch off from football, but, naturally, the conversation usually comes back to the game. I am satisfied with my career.

2. From Lenka
Hello, Andrey! I like the way you communicate with us. Thank you for this opportunity.
Are you usually in good or in bad spirits? And how does your bad mood affect your communication with people around you?
: Usually I’m in a good mood, but when it’s bad I try to make it unnoticeable to people around me though it doesn’t always work.

3. From IFFA
Andrey, what meaning do you put in the word “ a friend”?
: I think that I can call those people friends who are around not only when everything is fine, but also when it’s hard. "A friend in need is a friend indeed"

4. From Rondo
Andrey, who is your favorite coach?
: I’m grateful to all the coaches I worked and still work with.

5. What helps you to cope with stress and accumulated negative emotions? What kind of holidays do you prefer: active or relaxed? Best regards, M
: It helps to switch from football and spend time with friends, no matter where. Sometimes I spend my holidays actively and sometimes I just want to go out somewhere with my friends.

6. From Monika
Andrey, what types of sport do you like besides football?
: Hockey and tennis.

7. From Lenchik
Hello Andrey! Are you a superstitious person? What do you think about Friday the 13th?
: I don’t pay much attention to it; nothing terrible has ever happened to me on this day.

8. From IFFA
Andrey, are you touchy?
: No

9. From VoFka
Hi, Andrey! You're one of the few players who speak what’s on their mind. You always told the truth. Can you allow yourself to do it now?
: I always try to tell the truth.

10. Hi Andrey! Answer me please=).
1.What kind of food do you like??
2. Where do you spend your holidays??
: I go on holidays to warm countries. I liked the United Arab Emirates the most so far, I think they have the best service. I feel comfortable in Saint-Petersburg too.

11.From rus10
Andrey, name you 3 favorite colors, please.
: My three favorite colors: red, black and white.

12. From Sergio
Your favorite breakfast?
: Actually I rarely eat breakfast. But if I’m to choose, I’d prefer pancakes, moreover, Julia is very good at cooking them.

13. From Ekaterinka
Hi Andrey, are you good at painting? What about Julia?
: No, I’m not. Julia is better at it.

14. From Vitas
Andrey, what do you think about smoking. Do you smoke? If not, have you ever tried to?
Thank you and good luck!
: When I was 15 or 16 years old I tried it. I do not smoke and I don’t approve of smoking especially by women.

15. From Number05
Hi Andrey!
If you had to choose only one: love or career. What would you choose?
: I have been asking myself this question. If I were to make a choice: love or career, I do not know what decision I would make.

16. From VinnyPuH
Andrey, do you suffer from any phobias?
: I’ve never thought about it, but I guess I don’t have any.

17. From Mamasha
Can you play any musical instrument? What about your wife? Thanks in advance for the answer!
: Neither Julia nor I can play any musical instrument.

18. From Anya
Hello, Andrey! Recently in an interview you were asked when the last time you cried was. If it’s not a secret, what can be a reason for you to cry? P.S. Do your muscles ache after the game? Your Fan from Chelyabinsk:)
: There are many reasons why people can cry. Basically, it is so personal, that it is difficult to talk about it. Of course, my muscles ache after the games but as I become older, for some reason they ache less. Previously, I often had cramps in my legs after almost every game, now it occurs less frequently.

19. From Lexi
Hi, Andrey! Just wanted to ask you: Do you take only deliberate actions or more inclined to make spontaneous decisions? This applies to both football and ordinary life? Thanks:)
: Honestly, I try to think something over at first, but spontaneous decisions are the best and bring more satisfaction as a rule. This applies to football as well.

20. From Ibrox
Andrey, have you watched “The Lost”?
: No

21. From Africa
Hi A.A. Do you believe in destiny?
Best regards, Africa
: Yes, everything happens for a reason.

22. From Africa
Hi A.A. Do you approve of prenuptial agreements?
: No

23. From Yulya
Andrey, what signs are Julia and Artem? Do you think it affects their characters and your relationships? Do you read horoscopes and whether they come true? Thank you very much ...
: Julia is Gemini, and Artyom is Sagittarius. I think that the sign of zodiac influences a person. I do not read horoscopes on purpose but I can look through them when I come across them.

24. From Queen
Andrey, I’m curious what perfume you prefer?
: Armani

25. From telekom12
Hi Andrey, do you think Arsene Wenger is a competent manager?
: Yes

26. How does it feel when Drogba ties your shoelaces?
: Funny

27. From Abduhamid
Hello. Didn’t you have an impression that Manchester United played against Arsenal the way you liked (counter-attacking).
: I prefer attacking football.

28. From 72994 356791
Why football? There are so many other kinds of sports, but, of course, football is the best. You're just great and all the girls in our class are just crazy about you! Your true fan.
: I started off playing checkers. When I realized that I won’t be able to become an International Grand Master, I had to leave it for football.

29. From 72988 09101112
Hi, how are you doing ?????????? How is Julia, kids ?????????? I keep on asking you questions but there has been no answers so far(((((((( ((((( Please answer at least this one))))))) P.S. YOU ARE THE BEST ))))))))))
: I’m recovering. I hope that we’ll have a good match with Burnley this Saturday at the "Emirates". Julia and kids are on holidays in the United Arab Emirates.)

Translated by Ekaterina Shlychkova

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