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Welcome to - my official website

On the pages of this website you can learn a lot about me. Not only as a footballer, but as an ordinary person. I'd be glad if my website helps you to communicate with each other.

All the best, Andrey

Ask Andrey




Andrey Arshavin has answered the questions of his site visitors about his books, about the fans, about coffee, about love, about regrets and about a lot of other things.

1. From mike81
My friends in Russia told me that you were also a singer. Is that true?
: I recorded a single 2 years ago. “The football of my childhood” is a nice song about a boy with a dream of becoming a professional footballer.

2. From gooner
Andrey, what do you think about Arsenal’s chances now?
: After winning this time we are on the direct road to the top. But sport is not always about fun. Aaron Ramsey has been seriously injured. I hope he’ll be all right.

3. From DenisGrafeev
If Francesc Fabregas goes to another club, are you going to be a captain or it will be someone else? Answer me please.
: Someone else.

4. From LazerGirl
Andrey, what do you think about the fans who leave the stadium before the end of the game, if the game is not good or their team is losing? Can they be called real fans? In my opinion, it’s not right. I think that the real fans should support their favorite team in any case.
: Of course, the support of the fans is important for football players. But when the fans leave the stadium, one can understand them; understand their feelings of frustration and resentment for the team.

5. From Nirosh
Hello, I am a Canadian, and a big Arsenal fan. I checked out the Arsenal/Birmingham game last October at the Emirates. And you scored the 3rd goal. Being Canadian, and being a big hockey fan, how do you feel about the Canadians dismantling the Russians 7-3 in the quarterfinals at the Olympics? Go Arsenal!!!
: How can one feel when the team he supports is losing?

6. From John
Andrey, I’ve heard that you wrote 3 books. What are these books about? Are you planning to write a new one about your life in England?
: Well, I didn’t exactly type these books on my computer in my free time :), these books were written in cooperation with my friend and thedirector of my web-site Igor Moiseev. The first book “555 Questions and
Answers. Andrey Arshavin” is pretty much about everything. The second one is about winning the UEFA CUP. The third one is my diary during Euro 2008. As for the book about my life in England, well, maybe.

7. From Matt
Hey Andrei, I have 2 questions for you
1) Who is your favorite player in the Premiership who does not play for Arsenal?
2) In your opinion, what is the most important attribute to have as a footballer?
Thanks very much, good luck with the injury and the rest of the season
1. There are 2-3 people.
2. Speed, ability to see the pitch, technique

8. Hi, Andrey, I love arsenal and helicopters. My friend, Steve, said that he met you once and he said you were very nice but you smelt of coffee. Do you like coffee? He also said that he held your hand. If I met you please could I hold your hand, I promise it will be no longer than for 3 minutes. LOVE FROM ANTHONY, 28 ENGLAND.
: I don’t drink coffee at all.

9. Hi, Andrey, why do you do this finger to lips “shhh” celebration gesture?
: Once when we were playing abroad, local fans started shouting obscene remarks and tried to provoke our fans. I managed to score and I showed them this gesture. It became a habit after that.

10. From Maria
I’ve just registered on your web-site and I have so many emotions! I really respect you and think that you are a good person. I just feel it by the way you play. I would love to have a friend like you. I’d like to ask you whether you think you are a good friend. Bye! Good luck!
: You’d better ask my friends about it.

11. From Kebes
Have you ever felt like hitting a referee?
: Sometimes.

12. From Lucky
Hi Andrey! You know I love football! And mostly because of you, I want to really thank you for that. But the problem is that I’m a girl, but I really love to play. A lot of people say that it’s a men's game. What shall I do? After all, I want to do it professionally. What do you think about girls playing football?
: When girls like football, I think it’s ok. But I think that the level of women's football is too low to take it seriously.

13. From rita
Hi, Andrey! Tell me please what style of clothes you prefer?? And what kind of music?? Do you have a favorite poet, writer, singer, actor?
: Every person should have his own style, which suits him. I wear what I like. As for music, poetry, literature, etc., I can say my preferences change depending on certain periods of my life. There were times when I liked Pelevin books or Sergei Bodrov films, but life does not stand still, I change and my views also change.

14. From olka
Andrey, I think you have a strong character, but everybody has difficult moments sometimes. I was wondering whether you had such moments when you wanted to quit football.
: Of course there were such moments. Once in my childhood, I wasn’t happy with my coach’s decision. I stopped training. Then the coach came to my mother, and together they persuaded me to continue my training. Also, there were times when I thought that nothing would come out and I wanted to quit everything.

15. From Ubagub
Andrey, do you want your son to become a footballer?
: First of all I want Artyom to become an honest and healthy man. I’d like him to choose for himself what kind of occupation suits him. None of us will impose anything on him. He is an independent person, so we can only give him an advice.

16. From Andrey090788
Tell me please what has changed in your life with your move to Arsenal?
Thanks in advance!
: I spend more time at home with my family, playing with my kids.

17. From lozenchik
What do you think? Who plays better you or Igor Semshev?
: Is it Igor Semshev asking? :)

18. From Nata
Hi! I’m curious what love means to you, and what you can do in the name of love? Thanks.
: You have touched a very delicate subject; it’s difficult for me to answer this one. I guess for every person it’s something different, something very personal. For me, the perception of love is on emotional level, rather than in words. My actions in the name of love are still ahead.

19. From Zazi
Andrey, have you ever regretted that you became a footballer?
: I try to live my life in such a way so that I don’t regret about what I’ve done.

20. From sve70831372
I am very pleased that you find time from your interesting life to answer our questions! Although not all of them ((( I was very disappointed when you did not answer me! Well, I’ll try again. I was wondering how come you find time to do so many things. You write books, play with children to raise money for charity, but also have a wife, kids, a household with all kinds of problems! How do you do this? Be honest! I’ll be waiting for your reply!! Sveta;)
: I keep on wondering myself :)

Translated by Ekaterina Shlychkova


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