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Welcome to - my official website

On the pages of this website you can learn a lot about me. Not only as a footballer, but as an ordinary person. I'd be glad if my website helps you to communicate with each other.

All the best, Andrey

Ask Andrey




1. From max9903
Hi Andrey, I want to be a footballer just like you. I already play football in
Saratov. Shall I go to Moscow in order to become successful?
If any Moscow football school is interested in you then, I think yes. After all, the level of training in the capital is, probably, higher than in your city.

2. From Ludastar72
Hello, Andrey!
Our family is from Murmansk - we are all your fans. We follow your
game and wish you good luck. My 8-year-old son is writing an essay about you in
English, the assignment was to write about a Famous Sports Person Answer for him please
the following question: do you have pets? What are their names? Yours, the Starchenkovs, Murmansk.
: At the present moment I don't have any. When I was a kid, we had two kittens.
I cannot now remember their gender. And we also had a hamster. However, they all disappeared under unclear circumstances. When I was a teenager we had a Pekingese dog - Chuck. It still lives with my mother, rather old now. In family life, Julia and I still do without pets. Although Yana and
Artem sometimes ask us to think about it. But my children do not strongly
insist on it - bring it up once in a while and forget about it in a couple of minutes.

3. From 9877531970
Hi Andrey!
I'm your fan. I play Fifa 11, I bought you back to Zenit, you are the captain now and take penalties. I want you back in Zenit.
We miss you.
: Zenit has a decent captain and their penalty takers are doing just fine.

4. From Queen
Andrey, do you drink tea with sugar or without?
When I was a kid I drank tea with sugar or with condensed milk. After approximately 15 I started drinking tea without sugar. Now when you asked this question, it got me thinking how I could possibly drink such sweet tea.

5. From Queen
Hello, Andrey! How did you celebrate Halloween? Did Artem and
Yanochka go trick or treating and collect a lot of candy? :) And how do you feel about this holiday?
My kids had a lot of fun this day. Yana had a pirate
costume. Artem was dressed as Harry Potter. You know, they gathered
a whole group, a really serious gang: Artem, Yana, some other kids. And they scoured the houses for candy. It was interesting to watch - the darkness and
the whole gang of children around wearing costumes of different fairy tale characters. A lot of
skulls and vampires. It was fun to watch the adventures of the little ones :)

6. From khalimbekov
Andrey, I had a bet with my brother, he says if Russia wins the WC
he would do a double back somersault. Please win. I also
would not refuse to be a footballer or at least to have a good job of that kind.
: Let's do it like this: if we don't win the forthcoming championship, I'll blame it all on you, I'd tell that we were sparing the health of one of our fans :)

7. From kuelo11
I'm pretty sure that you have probably been asked this question, but apparently I'm not very attentive and have not seen it among all the other questions. Here it is: What football clubs did you have offers from? (Except Arsenal)
Yes, there were some offers. But now it makes no sense to talk about it.

8. From pdbyzxcjkjndby
Hello, Andrey! Our family is rooting for Zenit, my younger son is 17, he's been doing karate for 7 years, but he also loves to play football (plays for the local adult team, etc.). But recently he started smoking from time to time ... Andrey, how can I convince my son that sport and tobacco are two incompatible things? It's a shame, this year in May he became the champion of Russia in his category, received another dan, and suddenly started smoking ... Please write me what you think about it.
Good luck in Arsenal and in the Russian team! Natalia, 50, Leningrad oblast.
: I am against smoking. Sport and smoking are incompatible. I think
that he understands it himself, it's just that you, as a mother should find a way to convince him that if he quits, it would be easier for him to breathe during training and competitions, he will be healthier. There is nothing cool about smoking. Maybe back when I was a teen it was considered fashionable and kind of cool, but now there is no such fashion.

9. From mirzaev05
Hi Andrey. I love to watch you play. I have a question. I live in Dagestan in the village. I'm good at football. My dream is to become a player just like you. But since we do not have any football groups, my dream will never come true, help me please if you can. Here is my number 8989*****, if you decide to help me please call me.
: I've heard that soon there will be opened a school in Anji. You won't have to go anywhere, all the conditions will be nearby.

10. From galeev
Andrey, could you move to Moscow Dynamo this winter? Dynamo doesn't have a
left midfielder.
: No, I'm not planning to move anywhere this winter.

11. From galeev
Andrey, when does you contract with Nike expire?
It's until 2018.

12. From galeev
What do you think, who's going to win the championship of Russia in the season
: Zenit.

13. From galeev
Andrey, do you like a Coldplay song - Viva la vida, that was the anthem of Barca back in 2009?
: A great song.

14. From mirzaev05
Andrey! Are you registered on any other social networking sites such as:
odnoklassniki, VKontakte? And a little bit about football. I've heard that there will be a friendly game in November
between Russia and Greece. What can you say about the match?
No, just on Twitter, you can find me under AndrArshavin23. About the match? There will play two participants of the final stage of the EURO2012. I think my team will win this game. The game will be held
at the Olympiakos stadium. At the same time, I'll check out the grass before the upcoming
match of Arsenal in the Champions League :)

15. From TeckTonik
Hello, Andrey! I am very glad that I have an opportunity to write to the Andrey Arshavin.
I've long been thinking about finding your official web site and I did it. I'm 15
years old. I am from Blagoveschensk. I'm your biggest fan. I love to watch the way you play. I've got a question: How are the things in London and when are you coming back to St. Petersburg? For this occasion, I'm ready to come and get your autograph)) All the best to you and wish you love in your family.
1. Getting stable :)
2. I think that in May, when the championship is over.

16. From Queen
Andrey, I'm curious what you think about human karma and
transmigration of souls (Regina)
Sometimes I think about it. You see, it's a complicated thing. It hasn't been proven
neither physically nor physiologically. There are times in life when sometimes you
believe in it, sometimes not.

17. From gasanov
Andrey, you are the best player of the Russian team, my dream is to play
together with you and score goals against Manchester, but they are only dreams.
Buy a computer game :)

18. From ikkerh
I want to buy a complete collection of "Barney and Friends" for my kid, he loves watching it, but there is no such thing in Russia, maybe I'll send you the money and you'll buy it and send me the parcel? Of course if it is not difficult. If you want to help me write on i***@
Theoretically it is possible, of course. Practically, no. And although the post in England works great, but I have never used its services personally. Usually I ask my friends and people I know to send some letters, agreements and other documentation for me. I just do not know how to use the services of the local Pechkins :) (Pechkin is a famous Russian cartoon character who works as a postman)

19. From 10rich23ard10
Hello Andrey
Andrey, what Russian club would get further in the Champions League -
Zenit or CSKA? And up to what stage?
: I hope that both Russian clubs, at least, would do it out of the group. And then we'll see what happens. I root for the Russian clubs in European competitions , but my team also plays in this tournament.


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