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Welcome to - my official website

On the pages of this website you can learn a lot about me. Not only as a footballer, but as an ordinary person. I'd be glad if my website helps you to communicate with each other.

All the best, Andrey

Ask Andrey




1. From PlYuShA
Looking in the mirror, do you see an ordinary 28-year old guy with mischievous eyes? Or something else? Someone else?
: I look in different kinds of mirrors: rectangular, oval. I scrutinize myself. And I think to myself, well, that’s good that I still don’t see a crown on my head :)))

2. From rada
Dear Andrey Arshavin, I want to say that you are the one who revived Russian football! Who of the legendary footballers can you compare yourself with?
: Andrey Arshavin is one of a kind.

3. From chaos
I have noticed that football players chew gum during the game (you are one of them), they really enjoy it, rolling their eyes with pleasure. Actually, my questions are:
1) how can one possibly run and chew at the same time without breaking a jaw?
2) yummy?
: I don’t chew gum during the game. It surprises me as well when a player chews gum during the game. I think it makes it difficult to breathe and leads to exhaustion.

4. From 56789
Hi Andrey! I’ve just recently bought your book with a CD in it and I liked it a lot. Thank you. Your song is great! Could you please sing something again?
: Put your CD in the player and I’ll sing for you :)

5. From Zenitushka08
Hello Andrey)))) Are you glad that you are Russian? May be this question might seem a little weird to you, but still… )) And are you proud of your country?)
: Everyone should be proud of their nation, and try not only to love their country, but also to do something useful for it.

6. From IFFA
Andrey, I’ve recently read a book ”The Last Fight”, it’s about football players during the Second World War. They came to play against the best German squad at the full stadium of besieged Kiev and won, some of them were shot for that afterwards, but at the same time, it really helped people of this city to believe in the victory. What do you think, whether the present footballers are capable of doing something as heroic as that?
: I think there is no answer to this question. No one can tell how people would behave in this situation. One can say whatever he wants but only the situation can show what it would be like and the way people would react.

7. From Tanyulichka
Can you drink a glass of vodka in one gulp?)))
: I have tried it once but I wouldn’t agree to repeat it now.

8. From IrinaOrehova
Hi, Andrey, thank you for your great new photos that were posted on the website. They are just great! I really enjoyed looking at them! Tell me, how often do you give flowers or some gifts to Julia?
: Unfortunately, I used to do it more often before. I think I should work on it.

9. From korvin
Andrey, hello. Tell me, who do you think you really are? A footballer? A writer? A hero? A promoter? Or maybe you just love money? It’s OK if you do. Well, I guess you won’t tell the truth anyway. It’s pity that you are not sincere. Yours faithfully, Alexander.
: I am an engineer of manufactured garments by education, and a footballer by vocation. I told the truth.

10. From Abkbggjdf
Hello, Andrey! Let me ask - how do you feel about being a footballer with the largest number of women admirers in Russia?
: Have you counted them? If so, I’m fine with it ;)

11. From babo4ka
Hello Andrey I'm the biggest fan of yours )))))))))) I keep on seeing you wearing different boots all the time. That brought me to a thought: Tell me, how many games or training sessions can you have wearing the same boots? Looking forward to your answer ;) Ira
: I can play for quite a long time in one and the same pair of boots, well, until they get torn, or sometimes I can play just once in some boots and then give them as a present to somebody.

12. From mupf
I have already written to you 6 times and now I am writing for the 7th. Maybe I’ll get lucky this time. My question is: When you’re not at home who lives with you in the same room and what do you do in your spare
: When I’m away from home I spend my nights alone in a single room.

13. From Demi
Andrey, Are you afraid of the darkness? Thank you, you're great.
: Yes, I am.

14. From Maxa1692
I am writing to you for the 3rd time, I hope this time I’ll get an answer from you! What song do you sing most often in the shower? Thanks for the great games!
: I do not sing in the shower at all, actually, I seldom take a shower. I prefer to take a bath and to think in silence.

15. From likerofFKzenit
What Russian football club do you like to score against and how many times have you done this?
: This list includes not only Russian clubs but all clubs I scored against or will score against.

16. From katrin4u
This will be my third attempt to ask you a question, perhaps, I’ll get an answer to this one.
Andrey, what do you think, being a fool is an inborn or an acquired quality? :)
: I do not think that God creates people to be fools, so most likely they become fools on their own.

17. From saharOK
Hi , Andrey! I have a question. You know that many girls love to play football, but when they reach a certain age they find it difficult to take a ball on their chest, what would be your advice???))))
: It is better to have a big chest than an ability to stop the ball with it ;)))

18. From lerik
Andrey, what girls do you like more:
1) wearing heels and skirts or
2) wearing sneakers and jeans?
Thanks in advance for your reply! :)))
: It’s difficult to spoil a good body with clothes.

Translated by Ekaterina Shlychkova

Тонировка квартир,тонировка балконов Тонируйте окна зимой! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! скидка.. И зимой холоднее всего именно у окна. И чем больше окон в Вашем офисе, тем более сложной становится ситуация.
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