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January 20, 2010. EPL. Matchday 2.
London. Emirates. Arsenal 4-2 Bolton. Having won this time, Arsenal topped the table. It’s true that Chelsea played a game less but they have the same number of points as Wenger’s team. And this game Chelsea still has to win....
Andrey Arshavin spent the entire game on the pitch. Despite the pain in his leg, Andrey not only participated in assists of his team, but he also scored past Bolton’s Finnish goalkeeper. After this goal, the score became 4-2. Note, that due to these two goals, Arsenal managed to top the table. In additional time, Andrey brilliantly outplayed two opponents in the center of the field, and dragged the ball to the goalkeeper’s area. Perhaps, he should have given the ball to Wolcott on the right side. But what kind of forward wouldn’t try to score again after such solo passage at the last minute of the match, considering confident victory of the team? Andrey, this victory brought your club above previous leaders on goals scored, conditional as it might be.
: No. I think that Chelsea still top the table. They have not played their game yet. Let's see what happens then. It was a strong-willed victory over Bolton today. How was it on the pitch?
I think it resembled a game with Everton in the beginning. We began not quite right, didn’t have enough start-up power and, in fact, we had to pay for this. On the other hand, it’s good that we managed to score once at the end of the first half. It’s much better to go on a break when the score is 1-2- than when it’s 0-2. By the way, Was the team shocked when the score turned 0-2
: No. We were definitely not in a state of shock. It was an unpleasant situation we drove ourselves into. The more important thing is that we were able to deal with this problem. What was Arsene Wenger’s mood during the break? Perhaps he fretted and fumed or, on the contrary, found exactly the right words for the guys?
: Actually, he said the words that brought us victory. He asked us to play at our maximum speed. He told us to bring the ball to the rival’s gate as soon as possible. He had no doubt that if we manage to follow his instructions during the second half, we will win ... So, the second half of the game…
In the second half we tried to play our own football from the start, our attacks and combinations turned out well. I am glad that we showed our character and were able to score exactly the right number of goals for the victory. Bolton played rough or tough?
: This is the style of their game. It was quite expectable. Everybody here say that they play this way with all teams. We haven’t seen your favorite gesture after the goal this time. Is it all? Do we have to expect something new?
: No. Today I just felt this way. Your team has 4 more games ahead with the leaders of the Championship. How would you classify these games?
: I would break them into two parts. The first one -27.01 and 31.01 (Aston Villa "and" MU"), and the second, respectively: 7.02 and 10.02. (Chelsea and Liverpool) We have to get maximum number of points during these periods. An Arsenal legend has returned to the club - Sol Campbell. A lot has been said and written about it….
: He has not yet asked for my 23 number :)

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