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Welcome to - my official website

On the pages of this website you can learn a lot about me. Not only as a footballer, but as an ordinary person. I'd be glad if my website helps you to communicate with each other.

All the best, Andrey

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Детская деревня.jameslouis
Скажите. 14 июня Вы приедите в Детскую деревню СОС. Сейчас в Пушкине стоит ажиотаж по этому поводу. Попасть на мероприятие очень сложно. Говорят, что будет автограф сессия с вашими товарами, это правда, или разводка?

Акция состоится. Уже много желающих сыграть в команде "Друзей Андрея Аршавина".
По футболкам? Мы уже говорили, что каждый, кто приобретет футболку через сайт сможет приехать на мероприятие, получить мой автограф на этих изделиях и сфотографироваться со мной. На сайте должна быть информация
Admiring your colleaguesdjayray
Hi, during your career as a footballer you will have encountered many great footballers. Which players at Arsenal and back in Russia do you admire most and why?

I can point out one person in every team. In Arsenal it is Cesc and in Russia – Akinfeev.
Hi Andrey,
I understand you are at a top club, which gives great chances to win cups but would you ever consider challenging yourself at a lower club, in a different part of the country?
I'm talking about Sunderland in particular. Our fans love to have you in our team. What is it like to play against our team?

I don’t have such plans. It doesn’t matter for me what team to play against, the most important thing is to win and stay injury-free.
What do you think of Grigory Rasputin?

This man had a certain talent that allowed him to wield power over people. I think that he was an eccentric person.
Per Magnuspeeer97
when you where 13 was you fast ?

Yes, and even when I was 7. Fast as a lightning.
Title ambitions!vishe777
If Arsenal continue their trend of not winning anything and Arsene Wenger continues with his policy of not spending money on established and experienced players, will you leave for a bigger club like Barcelona or Man Utd where titles are more probable and frequent?

I’ve got a running contract with Arsenal.
Hi andrey.....14071988
Hey Andrey...thanks for this site...i am from India....i love football and play it with my friends in our college ground.......we don't have a our team dose not do very well in, may I ask you how we can work on our teamwork?.....and also could you please tell me how i can improve my finishing?...any special kind of training that i may do..?...thanking you in advance...
yours sincerely.
Aritra Roy

Just hire me and if the contract is good I’ll try to make champions out of you in my spare time ;)
How many languages?abel00
Arshavin, how many languages can you speak, and do you speak? And also do you all at Arsenal generally train upper body muscles? Any specific, important ones for football?

I speak Russian and work on my English. English football is more physical, that’s why one needs muscles, their strength can be also useful in ordinary life.
Andrey, are you frightened of bears?

On the contrary, I like bears.
555 Questionsstevew
I'm interested in your book "555 voprosov i otvetov" but don't speak Russian. Will you be producing an English laguage version?

If I receive a serious offer from a publishing house, I’ll consider it.
Hi, hope you are doing well.NobodyZ
What do you do when you have a serious injury and when you can't walk much? Especially when something goes wrong with your ankle...Whenever an injury happens and i can't run or do anything, it really bores me.

Never lose heart; you should believe that this bad streak will pass.
why so pessimisticpraboos2001
hello Arsha,
am an Arsenal fan for more than 10 years. i lost lilttle hope that we will not competitive enough as before but still support the team as we managed to bounce back with young players in the last 3 seasons. we lost our chance purely because of our inconsistency. But this year it is completely different and we have very good squad even after leaving the injured guys. Whether we win any this season or not, it's not only Arsene's responsibility to keep the players motivated but its also senior players like you to keep the young guns firing and be optimistic. You can have your arguements inside the closed room with Arsene but not in the media with negative comments which will disturb both players and fans. This is my opinion. My question is do you really love to be a gunner or its just because you have become more noticed than ever after prroving yourself in Arsenal and increased your value in the market, you are now trying to move to so called best clubs in the world like barca, Real madrid etc??

I do not think that I damaged my club’s image with my statements to the media. I am an Arsenal player now and when we win I feel happy, when my team loses it means that I also lose and it makes me, my family and friends upset.
Hey Andrey!
Did you ever feel lonely in London? What do you miss most about Russia?
Thank you, You are the best player in the world!
Maya Ronen

I felt lonely not only in London. Do I miss Russia? Sometimes I think of my home city of St. Petersburg.
Child accident preventiongmurphy24
I have read lately about your comments with regard to road safety. I am a Deputy Head Teacher in London andwe are delivering a child accident project at our school. We are looking for a VIP to promote our Mural at our school. It is going to promote road safety. The project is run by our school in Brent and supported by Transport for London and the Brent Travel plan team. The children creating the mural will be age 7 and are from a deprived area in the borough.

You are doing a good job. Nothing is more important in life than health and child safety.
Hi there, Andrey, I hope you are enjoying life in London. Now that you have been with Arsenal for just over a year now I have one simple question. Do you hate Tottenham yet?

I’ve been told about this by the club’s employees. As I am a gunner, Tottenham games are crucial for me :))
Dear Mr Aexd605
What was it like living in the USSR, and would it make modern Britain a better place? If you plan to lead a communist uprising in the UK, I would gladly help you storm Buckingham Palace.

Here in England I often catch myself thinking that everything here will be just the same in a hundred years’ time and even after that, everything will be just the way it is now. Don’t change anything, you don’t need any revolutions.
What was the biggest distortion by the media made up from anything you have said?

I can’t remember. They distort my words quite often, change the meaning of what I’ve said, sometimes they just add something I haven’t said at all.
Hello there! , what would you say your political views are?

Globally speaking I’m for world peace.
Drinking and smoking.jamiegcross
Hi Andrey,
I play football at weekends and my manager keeps telling me to cut down on drinking alcohol and smoking.
I do not think it affects my performance at all, what are your views on this?

I don’t smoke, as for alcohol, it is also not my thing, well, I can have some whisky sometimes, very seldom when I’m on holidays.
Hi Andreyabhi1793
Do you use hair gel??? If you do what type do you use?? What's your favorite hairstyle??? I ?????????? your hair?

I don’t have an ad contract with any hair gel producer. I use water before the game. A lot depends on water chemical composition.
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